What is a good android phone for Verizon?

Q. My dad's retirement party is coming up and since he had to give his droid x up, he's been using my old iPhone. He likes android a lot better and I'm really not familiar with them, so what's a good android phone on Verizon?

A. Representing a new breed of easy-to-use, intuitive smartphones designed for both work and personal use, the Motorola DROID PRO for Verizon Wireless provides business-ready solutions with enhanced features for a richer personal mobile experience. You'll get full-push corporate e-mail with corporate level security, a unified calendar with additional work features, and the DROID PRO comes pre-loaded QuickOffice Mobile Suite. And the phone is packed full of spectacular specs--a powerful 3.1-inch multi-touch display, 1 GHz processor, 4 GB of memory (2 GB internal, 2 GB included microSD card), and a physical QWERTY keyboard.

What Android phones on Verizon can be to Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich?
Q. I was just wondering, and also does any one knew of a way to upgrade the Samsung Stratosphere to 4.0?
Thanks in advance.

A. Heck with the upgrade i'll take the icecream sandwhich:)

Can you use and Android phone on Verizon without a data plan?
Q. I have a single line with unlimited text and a small data plan of about 25MB. I had a envy touch but i recently broke it. I have a friend who has an old droid she is willing to let me use, so i was wondering if i could just activate the phone with my number and use it for calling and texting. I dont need to use the net or anything like that....i was just wondering if this is going to work.

A. Verizon does require customers to subscribe to a data plan if they use a Smartphone on their network. It doesn't matter from where or how you got your phone. If it is a Smartphone, you must subscribe to a data plan.

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