What is a good android phone for Verizon?

Q. My dad's retirement party is coming up and since he had to give his droid x up, he's been using my old iPhone. He likes android a lot better and I'm really not familiar with them, so what's a good android phone on Verizon?

A. Representing a new breed of easy-to-use, intuitive smartphones designed for both work and personal use, the Motorola DROID PRO for Verizon Wireless provides business-ready solutions with enhanced features for a richer personal mobile experience. You'll get full-push corporate e-mail with corporate level security, a unified calendar with additional work features, and the DROID PRO comes pre-loaded QuickOffice Mobile Suite. And the phone is packed full of spectacular specs--a powerful 3.1-inch multi-touch display, 1 GHz processor, 4 GB of memory (2 GB internal, 2 GB included microSD card), and a physical QWERTY keyboard.

What is the best android phone from Verizon?
Q. I am about to upgrade but do not know which android phone is best. I have an iPhone 4 now but much prefer my old droid phone.

A. Spectrum for sure. In the previous years I have owned the droid incredible and after awhile the phone just starts to fall apart. The applications will not open and the phone will be a complete and total mess. The Spectrum is one of the newer phones with many new cool technology features. Good Luck !!

What Android phones on Verizon can be to Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich?
Q. I was just wondering, and also does any one knew of a way to upgrade the Samsung Stratosphere to 4.0?
Thanks in advance.

A. Heck with the upgrade i'll take the icecream sandwhich:)

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