Are there any apps for Android that will let you watch full movies or TV shows?

Q. Also, are there any websites that I can go to instead that will let me watch full movies from my mobile phone?

A. There is a Netflix app that just came out for android, but it requires you to pay each month.

What android phones between £100 £180 can watch movies on the android market and especialy can the htc chacha?
Q. Im planning on getting a htc chacha for christmas and I was wondering if it can watch movies and if not what phones can I know the samsing galaxy ace can my friend has one but I would like to know about other phones


A. not a landline question.

How do you watch movies on android phones?
Q. I recently got a samsung vibrant and I would love to steam movies to my phone or download them directly to the phone. A good site would be helpful, and I don't mind paying a small fee per film. What sites do you guys use?

A. it is better to convert you movies to android phones compatible format

i also have a android phone, and love enjoying movies on my phone. one of my friends offered me a step by step guide on how to enjoy movies/videos on android phones

because mine is Samsung Galaxy
i also have a detailed guide on Convert Movie to Samsung Format and Transfer to Samsung/Samsung Galaxy. if yours is Samsung too. you can refer to

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