How to connect android to xbox 360 to watch movies & listen to music stored on the sd card?

Q. I have some music and movies on my phone that I want to watch on the 360 but every time I try it doesn't work. I also want to transfer the files to the harddrive but the 360 just wont read the sd.

A. I think you can use the USB card reader to connect your card to XBOX 360.

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What are some good apps for android? also can i watch nline shows using my droid 2?
Q. I just need some stuff and a good music app as well as games.

A. The cool apps for android are: Gravity guy,angry birds, doodle jump, cut the rope, where's my water, fruit ninja and PES soccer 12.
The fun apps for android are : Aging-booth, Zombie booth, finger cutter and paddle bounce.

Are there any apps for Android that will let you watch full movies or TV shows?
Q. Also, are there any websites that I can go to instead that will let me watch full movies from my mobile phone?

A. There is a Netflix app that just came out for android, but it requires you to pay each month.

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