How to find the android application that crashes and reboots my android phone?

Q. I have an android HTC phone, I put custom ICS on my phone, from the beginning it worked flawlessly,after installing few Certified applications from Google play and moving the applications from phone memory to SD-Card, my phone starts to crashes and reboot every few minutes.

I want to figure out what application has destroyed my phone and remove that application for ever.
I am wondering if there is any way to monitor and log all the applications activities and crashes on the my Android phone,even capturing the services which are running in the background before system bootsup to user interface those services that are causing my phone crashes.

Is there any application to debug the running processes on the phone or fix the faulty applications on my phone?

A. Ideally, there should be an option in SETTINGS > DEVELOPER OPTIONS > Show Application ANR's. It will give you a popup anytime any applications freezes. (ANR stands for Application Not Responding).
This might help you to find out which all applications are freezing. This might bug you for a while though, as it will show ANR's for even background apps.

I would like to start up a new firm where I and my friends would design Android applications.How do we begin?
Q. We are a group of few friends who are really interested in designing applications to be sold in the Android Market.However I also want to start a firm.So I have decided to start a firm in which we develop these apps.So how do we begin?

A. firstly you have to make a app and upload it to android market....

What is the best developing Platform That is windows based to build android applications ?
Q. I have Adobe Cold Fusion But is there a better application builder out there that is windows based to build android applications ?

A. Download the Android SDK and download Eclipse.

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