how do you turn off the noise when powering on the LG ally android by verizon?

Q. I've searched all through the noise settings and displays but I can't figure out how to turn off the powe on and odd noise. Anyone know? Also, how many mega pixels does the camera have?

A. I have not seen any option to turn off the starting sound.

The camera is a 3.2 Mega pixel

What Android running Verizon phone should I buy?
Q. I have an upgrade coming in August and I'm looking to get a Verizon smartphone that runs the android OS. I want to get one of the newer phones. I'd use the phone mostly for texting, web browsing, and apps. What do you think?

A. HTC ThunderBolt 4G Android Phone
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Samsung Droid Charge 4G Android Phone
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For a U.S. Verizon, you also can check upgrade eligibility on that product information page too. The AmazonWireless is the most trusted store online for upgrading phone (contract extension) at a cheap price, phone price start at penny.

I am using Motorola Android from verizon, I temporarily stopped my phone and internet service on the phone?
Q. Am I still able using wifi when I am in other country with my Androids phone without being charged? and how? Anyone know about this, please give me instruction on how to use it? Thanks a lots!

A. Yes you can still use WiFi

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